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Empath Workshop

3 Hour Workshop

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

September 18th

In Person or On Zoom


From Surviving To Thriving In Our Chaotic World


Do you feel as if you have been on an emotional rollercoaster for most of your life? Emotional for no reason? Feeling the emotions of others as if they were your own? Overly sensitive to events in the news?

Maybe you tend to socially isolate and need more time alone to decompress from being around people.


Chances are, you are an empath. You feel everything…. deeply.

And you are not alone.

Being an empath is a beautiful strength. It allows us to feel the world differently and uniquely; however, it can sometimes feel overwhelming without knowing how to deal with the emotional loading from the outside world. I have created this workshop to help you navigate this. 

By embarking on this journey, you can begin to change how you see yourself and the world around you. This will help you move more deeply into the awareness of unconditional love and bring more balance to our world.

This workshop is a snapshot, a single new awareness of your spiritual journey in this life. Seeing yourself as an empath is a great jumping-off point to the wonders that you can experience and come to understand in this lifetime. Know that you are much more than this, and it is my hope that as you move forward and grow, you will experience all of who you are.

You will learn:


  • What it means to be an empath and how to use this gift to thrive.

  • How to operate in public without becoming overwhelmed.

  • How to connect to and use your higher consciousness to heal and grow in your life.

  • A new understanding of your energetic body and levels of awareness.

Group Discussion

Drop-in Meditation

Time Varies


Call, Text. or email to book an appointment for your group to enjoy a meditation experience. 

An hour session in our office starts at $20 per person.


Rock in Sand

Drop-in Meditation

1 Hour Workshop

10 am - 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd Saturdays

Drop-in workshop


No reservations or commitments. Drop-in and enjoy a relaxing and enlightening hour of meditation.

A truly unique meditation experience. Lightly guided so that each participant can have the experience that is right  for them.

During these workshops you can learn how to: 

  • Discover and develop your intuitive abilities.

  • Experience your life in a new way and from a new perspective that is uniquely yours.

  • Communicate with the energy of your physical, emotional and mental body.

  • Listen to and understand what your energetic body is telling you.

  • Find the origin of problems on a variety of levels to heal fully and permanently.

  • Recover from physical problems and help others do the same.

  • Become more in tune with your surroundings.

  • And much more.....​​​

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Drop-in Meditation

1-3 Hours (Stay as long as you like)

5:30pm Every Wednesday

Drop-in workshop


Each week we will explore the spiritual journey of our daily lives through meditation, conversation, intuitive healing work, and lectures.

The weekly topics will be kept flexible depending on the needs of the attendees that week.

You may learn and heal as well as help others on their journey. All levels of experience are welcome.

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