Intuitive Massage


Discover Your Intuition,
Bring More To Your Massage Clients
During this Course You Will:

We are explorers, open to discovery. We give a nod to our ancestors who have gone before and given us a path from which to start. Our journey begins here, experiencing things in our own way. It is ok for it to be different. It is ok because we are growing beyond our ancestors  as we hope future generations will.

I have created this course to be beneficial to any massage therapist that is open to developing their intuition and using energy work in their massage. Whether you are new to energy work or have been practicing for years, this class can lead you to a greater understanding of your unique abilities. This understanding can bring you to greater personal growth and through that growth your clients will benefit.

  • Discover your unique intuitive abilities and language. 

  • Explore and understand the chakras and other aspects of energy work.   

  • Learn to use meditative prompts with clients for healing at every level.   

  • Discover new ways to explore and use energy work during a massage.

  • Improve your palpation through opening minor chakras.

  • Gain a better understanding of the needs of your client.

  • Perform healing massage utilizing your intuitive abilities, energy work, and all the tools in your toolbox.

  • Learn to effectively communicate with a variety of clients about intuition and energy work.

  •  Understand our levels of awareness/the energetic bodies.

  •  Raise your energetic vibration and work on self healing.

  • Work with spirit guides and make light connections.

  • Explore your own Lifepath.                 

Class Dates :


To be Announced